VN Villahuercos.




Varieties: White Tempranillo 100% from our vineyard Villahuercos.

Elaboration: Fermentation of first must during around 25 days in 500 litres brand-new french oak barrels.

Ageing: Post-fermentative aging during 4 months (500 litres barrels) The wine is left with the finest lees to give it more structure on the palate.

Tasting: Bright straw yellow colour with hints of gold. Intense varietal aromas: tropical fruits such as banana, pineapple and melon. In the mouth, it opens gently. It is round, complex, elegant, very well-balanced and full-bodied. Its pleasant acidity intensify its freshness. In retronasal reappear the tropical aromas.

Pairing: Combines perfectly with appetizers and starter dishes based on seafood and fish, like cod carpaccio, oysters, marinated anchovies, red shrimp rice, langoustine salad, etc.

Temperature: 10º-12º

” Finca Villahuercos is a 0.9 hectares- vineyard located next to Sierra de Cantabria Mountains and situated around 600 m. of altitude. This high altitude gives to the wine more freshness and more acitity obtaining more longevity to this special white wine”.