Cueva de Lobos.

Our range Cueva de Lobos is defined by modern, aromatic and funny wines

Its name derives from the Wolf’s hierarchy. In them, the first wolves are the weakest and sick ones. They are in charge to set the pace to all the flock because, otherwise, they would delay and would be exposed to the attack to other predators. 

In the middle we find the flock richness, the strongest and youngest group.

Finally, we find the Alpha male, the strongest. He is in charge to lead, control and give the necessary orders to everyone reach the destination.

So, this is the philosophy of this brand: 

Protect your family

Honour the elders

Teach to the youngest

Be true to your friends

Work as a team

Express your opinion

Hold your position

Play while you can

And, always, leave your mark


This range is formed by: Cueva de Lobos whiteCueva de Lobos youngCueva de Lobos crianza