Varieties: Malvasía, Sauvignon Blanc and white Tempranillo.

Elaboration: This wine is made separately in varietal vats, that is, using Malvasía and Tempranillo Blanco vats on one side and Sauvignon Blanc vats on the other. The Malvasía and the Tempranillo Blanco varieties are fermented until reducing sugar desappear. Meanwhile, the fermentation of Sauvignon Blanc is interrupted while containing residual sugar from its own must so, in the subsequent coupage, we obtain a balanced wine in terms of sugar and acidity, thus resulting in a fresh and pleasant finish.

Tasting: It has a straw yellow colour with green iridescence. Fresh and greedy on the nose with peach and pineapple nuances and a touch of tropical fruit. It is pleasant and fresh on the palate with a very nice and balanced aftertaste.

Pairing: It is ideal for pairing with foie and chocolates.

Temperature: 6-8ºC.

“ This is a wine dedicated to my mother who is a big great lover of sweet wines. Since my chilhood, these wines have been present in our familiar moments and they were the first ones who let me taste. This is the best tribute I could do”